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Since 1994 we have been handling experimental material produced in Michigan and Ireland under the name Small Brain Records. The name was taken from a math professor (Dr. Steven Drake) who advocated doing things the small brained way; we agreed.

We express ourselves through our work in diverse fields; experimenting with the psychological affects of sound and image, freeform improvisation, composition with, and teaching of new languages like max/msp/jitter, and audio-video exhibitions.

Involvement is encouraged, as new synapses are always forming.




he like his lip in his eyebrows
down at corners,
whole became foxy mean.

the buzzer kept up,
the visitors i might get and a promise--
supposing he had any.

blonde, like she up at the air,
one nerve made face watching me
and picked automatic.

"JOE" blonde wailed, came
on davenport, next me--
pointed gun my jerky eyes.

smallbrain stopped humming,
grinning at him.

The waitress, the bartender,
foreign devils.

Surrounded by yawning darkness,
each sought the entrance of his own gate.

Howitzers, neatly spaced,
attached to dim light.

Supple bones of the drunkard
between horses' feet.

Meanwhile washington
lifts one of the bed curtains.

A plump sister of thirty,
a heaven that is smallbrain.

A note about the author -- God in the image of smallbrain.

Trust the dreams when you speak silence/
Suppose she would not be the slightest enamel.

Hard sugar candy still had no plan/
his whole body would break.

Go too rapidly, too slowly /
whatever it is it is not a cross.

If a cricket loses his legs in battle/
he could still remember every short cut.

Succeed in failing -- now and again.


When she had reached this point in her thinking,
it was a joy which was not really here,
nor there.

This afternoon passes like a moment
between two mouthfuls of wine

Some weeks went by--entirely accomplished,
returned to that abominable bottle,
still empty.

The devil flies--puff from fire, whispers in her ear,
"O! Some have been laden!"
or god in the bush.


William Kelso:

a man who left the city for the trees, to devote his energy to his experiments with life. i have seen him converse entirely in laughter, cry with words, love with his soulmate Darby, and grow with his trees.






[ upcoming shows : :

  • sound and vision: e. lansing, metrospace gallery [327 abbott rd], sept 10-oct 24 instalation: live performances - lcd face mask; sept 10 8pm, live av jam sep 11 8pm.
  • warp/detroit underground: detroit artist market: june 6th 9pm-2pm: with team shadetek, jimmy edgar, kero, 000, derek michael, and dalien.

  • sat, Dec 4th, Detroit Art Space. $10 - $15 (pay what you can)8pm doors 8:30pm 1st act: with Sabir Mateen - sax & clarinet featuring;Ralp Malik - trumpet, Steven Swell - trombone, Matt Heyner - bass & Michael Thompson - drums.

  • monday the 15th @ Mac's, lansing, with Battles & Euphonen.
  • thurs the 14th at Elbow Room, Ypsilanti: with bands from NYC, Texas, and IRELAND!!!!
  • tues the 12th at Mac's bar: lansing, with Oxbow
  • the scene: [327 abbott rd] east lansing art gallery, sat 10/2 from 8pm.
  • Wed Aug 25: with Drums & Tuba at Mac's Bar, Lansing.
  • A benefit for the family reunion noise festival July 17th [doors at 3pm] at the Detroit 7332 Gallery featuring Govt. Alpha, PBK, Metal Dungeon, Rattling Wall Collective, Will Soderberg, and more! There is a $5 suggested
    donation, any and all reasonable donations accepted as well.
  • Sat.6/19: Mac's Bar: Lansing, The Chase Theory(one day savior records), Rattling Wall Collective, Ancient Delay
  • the scene: [327 abbott rd] east lansing art gallery, sat 6/19 with potter-belmar labs from 6-9pm, and sun 6/20 extented ensemble from 12-4pm.


  • in studio [with fat ra of course ;]

olegra is being formed: this group will perform songs written by matt borghi
  • Elbow Room :Ypsilanti - Thur, Aug 5th...
  • The Magic Stick - Detroit - Fri, Oct 5th...