Performance Diary:


  • The Collective provided musical ambience for the opening of the Digital Canvas show at the Ann Arbor Art Center, where Beatles Fat Ra and dis-assembler showed some of their visual work. Large crowd served as our dueting partner, playing against/with/in constant evaluation of the white noise of spectators.
  • Our annual appearance at Stormy Records for the Ear Candy festival featured an abbreviated Collective. Beatle Chris represented all things rattling for an appreciative crowd, performing solo on electric guitar with various kitchen implements. He then dueted with electronicist/thereminist Andrew Coltrane. WHFR will be releasing a recording and DVD of the festival (including this performance) in the future. Thanks (as always) to Scott Boatright and Windy and Car
  • Club X-cell: foster, madaski, howard, petersen, ryan a moody bicornuate affair with video supplied by kero.
  • Detroit 7332 Gallery: Govt. foster, faftis III, howard, petersen, ryan a triple sax event short and to the point. our triumphant beatle had just come out of africa, government Alpha, PBK, Metal Dungeon.
  • Mac’s bar: foster, sipperly, madaski, howard, petersen, ryan a raucus affair with beatles abounding, some lyrical controversy. Stage guests drums and tuba rounded the night out nicely.
  • MetroScene gallery: madaski, howard, petersen, ryan, meluch; 2 shows, one of which was part of the sound/vision exhibit, and was a violent explosion of sound. Earlier show included beatle nick raftis III (aka triple naught). He was naughty indeed, we chastised, and the ball was returned in like fashion, only to go around again.
  • Mac’s bar: madaski, howard, petersen, ryan, meluch. A relaxing prelude to eugene robinson and niko wenner of oxbow’s acoustic ramblings.
  • Elbow room: sipperly, madaski, howard, petersen, ryan a hard kicking ear open performance. Boxcar satan warmed our hearts and put smiles to our at times wearied facies.

  • 2003 performances.
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