Sound Psychologist



-Why is music different from white noise?
-What are the limits of genre?
-Specifically why and how do different sound waves impact our emotions and thoughts?
-Does the mindset of the artist subverted impact the listener?
-How can music help the human race?
-How can music be used to make someone think about importaint concepts while still being good music?
-To make truly good music does the artist need to be a truly good person, or can they be a proxy for the goodness of humanity?
-To what extent can music be completely decoupled from everything else, and be pure sound waves?
-If God is real, How can music be congruent with God?
-If God does not exist, then why does music?
-Is it possible to make a song that has no meaning in itself, or does the fact that we made the song make that impossible?


Italics Ep.

Hot Window




Jessica's Journal


Dazed And Confused instrumental


Gulf Coast


Two Sawn Forrest Recordings




Edm Sucks