shenanigans:shenlooci [sbr:dvdr001]

the shenanigans, michigan's premier audio video ensemble have released their first full length dvdr. featuring several audio video tracks, all in dolby 5.1 surround. the user can choose from several different video versions for some of the tracks. after a warmly recieved series of shows for the 42nd ann arbor film festival, the dvd is spicey. we captured that spice on film for the dvd which features both shows the shenanigans played at the michigan theater: shenanigans summon the bat, and our lobby lcd mask show. all video, and audio are created using the shenanigan's home made patches (girl you know it's true).
welcome to the next generation people, and yes, we are looking out
for you because the shenanigans love you, and the women love the shenanigans.

sample gryloc [audio video 52Mb]