audio and video are centered around rhythmic patters: studio based dvd foundations: live cutting, looping, beatboxing, freak dance moves, quiet stuctural exploration: saxophones: butts flapping to the patches, lcd face masks remixing our human elements, complete integration, constant motion, constant motion, God bless us:cream select events[]movement: detroit electronic music festival:detroit[]ann arbor film festival: ann arbor[]warp records tour: detroit[]schematic records tour: detroit[] viper festival :switzerland[] decibel festival: seattle [][]:""[] performed with[] juan atkins: richard devine: otto von shirach: venetian snares: jimmy edgar: apparat, telefon tel aviv, and all our beloved detroit undergournd crew:[][]God bless you



detroit original audio/video unit


deon foster b.1975 usa

james ryan b.1974 ireland

shenanigans.tv (aka geenies) perform in different capacities, depending on venue, and time. we use our self written software, and dvds. dvds are either full, or layer tracks (beats, ambients, blue screened elements). The dvds are played on standard dvd players, and the audio and video split and run into a variety of hardware configurations. the fastest easiest way is to run audio, and video into korg entrancer, then audio into kaos pad, then out. other times we split the video signal into two entrancers, then the audio signal is sent to mixer, mixed with microphone or other instrument input, then into the kaos pad. the video is then run into edirol V4, mixed with video feed that is live (sometimes live blue screen), or from laptops running either max jitter, or vdmx.

software we use for making our dvd include max msp jitter, 3ds max, after effects, photoshop, zbrush, flash, vegas, cubase. we have used vegas for real time video jamming, it has an interesting export when you jam it live and record into digital camcorder. we do a lot of location filming, in studio filming, blue screening, whatever we can think of. our current project involves making inflatable structures, and integrating with other art forms, sculpture and dance.



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