Small Brain Records

Since 1994 we have been handling experimental material produced in Michigan and Ireland under the name Small Brain Records. The name was taken from a math professor (Dr. Steven Drake) who advocated doing things the small brained way; we agreed.

We express ourselves through our work in diverse fields; experimenting with the psychological affects of sound and image, freeform improvisation, composition with, and teaching of new languages like MAX/msp, adio-video exhibitions, and the medical affects of performance.

Involvement is encouraged, as new synapses are always forming.





  • 12-26 Deep in here. a new offering from Mr.Kelso.
  • 12-09 sniff the tooth, it smells like jimmy.mp3 (1.2MB)
  • 12-05 "give upright teeth their own grist,
    secure in the strength of acclaim." Read the rest of Psalm 58.
  • 12-04 If you do one thing on this web visit make sure to read about Orange World.
  • 11-27 Fine live shenanigans remix from Mad ASCII;
    helium.mp3 (0.95MB)
  • i1-20 ROVA came to our town, I'm still digesting.
    10-14 some very vintage Joey, circa 1995;
    numerology.mp3 (1.5MB).
  • 9-24 the Shenanigans pass on the fat and go right for the bone of the distal distichous.mp3 (4.5MB).
  • 9-15 Fat Ra slips out a little nursery rhyme, old mac.mp3 (1.4MB).
  • 9-12 Brock's new film death of a (10.9MB) is ready to enter your mind, let it in.
  • 9-11 May the souls of the departed rest in peace, and those of the living grow in freedom.
  • 9-10 We will be performing the subconscious amoeba at The Alliance of Michigan State University Composers new music concert on:
    Friday, September 13, 2002
    Music Auditorium, Music Building
    Free Admission.
  • 9-03 From soul brother William Kelso a sonic feast, we are proud to bring you Monty's big day.mp3 (4.5MB).
  • 8-30 Where do we get this stuff? I don't know know and I don't care - Ohm kittins.mp3 (2.MB).
  • 8-28 Here is an interesting piece we pulled out of the files; Nylon distraction.mp3 (6.8MB).
  • 8-27 going back to the golden days of the Shenanigans it's Porno..jazz.pm3 (4.9MB).
  • 8-26 be sure to tune in to the next Small Brain Weekly Review, Tuesday the 27th, from 10-11pm, on WELM where we'll be showing footage from our 'Traffic Island Tour of 2002'.
  • 8-26 "with a start, francis realized he had been daydreaming about midget dwarf-tossing long enough for several irregular donuts to escape his scrutiny." read on>>>
  • 8-22 Lake Ann.mp3 - piano and tenor saxophone piece by Kelso and Fat Ra; Fresh from the Studio (4.7MB).
  • 8-21 A new release of a Fat Ra classic, bulbospongiosus.mp3 for your ears (3.9MB).
  • 8-14 Please join us for "The Small Brain Weekly Review" every Tuesday evening from 10-11pm on WELM channel 30 (28 on campus), East Lansing starting August 20.
  • 8-11 the Dis-Assembler takes Fat Ra for a trip through the world of VJing at the recent Liquid Soul concert, and it was good Lord!
  • 8-10 Modernity, live from Mac's Bar, with Seamas O'Donnell on bass.
  • 8-02 welcome August one, we rejoice with the baboon.mp3
  • 7-28 the Shenanigans' PisH breaks the speed barrier.
  • 7-26 under pressure of local fanatics we bring you Puce Tide, download the music!
  • 7-23 "I like it a lot here in the Garden of Boron -- nobody expects me to be very useful and I only hafta work when I want to eat." read on>>>
  • 7-13 Mr. Kelso monkeys around lake Michigan without protection, read full.
  • 7-07 Fat Ra forms slow synapse with the universe, slow acting exitatory potentials.
  • 6-29 Fat Ra's new single; Jivetooth beat the heat.
  • 6-27 free Shenanigans download Corazz; help snuff it out.
  • 6-20 First fruits from the studio floor, 10 minutes off the reel, live Shenanigans.
  • 6-18 dis-assembler off to New York for CD release.
  • 6-01 download the new single mad ASCII
  • 5-26-02 dis-assembler at the 2002 detroit electronic music festival
  • 5-23 Brock and Mark discuss world religion near the railroad track newVideo.
  • 5-10 first film by Brock Redding, an investigation into the mind of the new profit.