EDM Sucks is Sound psychologist's 3rd release, which focuses on the scene of modern EDM tropes and shortcomings, featuring heavily mixed tracks such as "EDM Sucks." and OM-84b, and heavy repitition, which is apperent in the club mix, and in "I Hate Pop Music". "The album is not aimed to throw shade at pop music, but to throw shade at the culture surrounding it, and the lack of quality put into production. Yes songs by justin bieber are great, but could have so much more potential to them, than jsut appealing to the nrmalized view of what "Pop" music is, music is made by people, and everyone is unique." commented Thomas ryan on the album, pushing listeners to appreciate and expand thier lstenning to a more diverse pallette, and because he doesnt like what bieber and other pop artists have done to the views of music.